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        CNC · Technology · Future

        · Products of high accuracy, rigidity and reliability
        Since the system performance efficiency depends on the rigidity and precision of the
        machine structure, we select the raw materials and components strictly based on high design criteria. To make the products that we promised to our customer, we pay
        attention to every detail from the ore milling process to the final assembling process
        · Programming system which is easy,flexible and compatible
        It is a problem for new users to get used to unfamiliar programming system, which has great influence on production process. Therefore, we provide our customer with simplified control and programming system. Our control system can easily import 2D data from DXF files and finish basic editing of DXF geometric figures so as to meet different production requirements. Support standard ISO/EIA language to make the system more user-friendly and easy for programming. In addition, we provide online training courses on our website to let our customers better know our control system
        · Technology: core technology from Europe
        With rich experience in machine tools industry over decades and mature R&D and manufacturing experience, we provide cost-effective technology support realized by core technology from Europe and China‘s most advanced manufacturing capability
        · Service: one to one after-sales service
        We have professional engineers for one-to-one customer training and technical instructions. Besides we also provide other training materials such as video materials to customer users so that they can better understand and learn the operations. On the basis of providing machine tools of long service life, we double guarantee our service quality by providing one-stop after sales solutions if problem occurs, ensuring 12 hours telephone on-line to minimize the machine downtime
        · Intelligent: Energy conservation and environmentally friendly
        Nozoli’s machine tools use high quality servo motors which enable a 33% increase on energy utilization.

        Factory: No.2019, Kunyang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China.
        Phone: 181 0187 8087     Tel:021-54221275-808     Fax: 021-54221673     Email: info@nozoli.com
        visit us also on:
        ? 2015 Shanghai Nozoli Machine Tools Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
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