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      1. R&D

        CNC · Technology · Future

                 With the growing maturity of domestic CNC technology, in recent years, five-axis CNC machining center has been more and more widely used in various fields. In practical application, whenever people meet the problem of high efficiency and high quality processing of complex parts of different sex, five-axis linkage technology is undoubtedly an important means to solve this kind of problem. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's auto parts and die manufacturing industry, more and more manufacturers tend to look for five-axis equipment to meet the high efficiency and high quality processing.

                 At present, nuozhuo force research and development of five axis vertical machining center in line with the above requirements, to adapt to different sizes of miscellaneous parts processing, basically meet the needs of the domestic market.

        Nuozhuo force five axis CNC machining center product features:

        1, improve the machining accuracy, quality and efficiency of space free surface.

        2, in addition to the bottom of the lock surface can be processed at any Angle "minimum segmentation accuracy of 0.001 degree".

        3, with high rigidity, high precision torque motor, "positioning accuracy of ±5μm, repeat positioning accuracy of ±3μm".

        4, installed "high precision", "high accuracy" absolute Angle encoder, to ensure the "positioning accuracy" of the rotating shaft.

        5. The X, Y and Z axes of the machine tool adopt "linear grating ruler" to achieve "full closed-loop detection" to ensure the three axes
        "High positioning accuracy".

        6, the biggest difference is that in addition to the usual three linear axes, there are at least "two Xuanzhou axes", and
        Can realize "five axis linkage machining".

        Nuozhuoli Independent RESEARCH and development projects:

        1. Five-axis universal milling head

        2. 5-axis AC milling head

        3. Five-axis swing milling head

        4, five axis large and small longmen processing center

        5, five axis boring and milling machining center

        6. Five-axis blade machining center

        7. Five-axis mould processing center
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